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Genetic Lineage of Suver Haze

A relaxing chill-out strain that will put your brain in a perfect place of clarity and tranquility.

This is another strain that was bred and created by the famous Oregon CBD genetics and science company. It’s a sativa dominant hybrid strain that comes from crossing Early Resin Berry with Suver #8.

It has an interesting flavor profile, is smooth and balanced in effect and is relatively easy for hemp farmers to grow which is why it has become a staple strain for a lot of CBD flower brands.


Suver Haze CBD Review

Just like any other CBD flower, Suver Haze needs to have below .3% delta-9 THC in order to legally be consumed across the US.

Note that the delta-9 THC needs to be below .3% but the total THC can be higher.

You’ll find that most of the larger CBD flower companies offer a version of Suver Haze on their menu. The quality can vary greatly from brand to brand and harvest to harvest.


Although Suver Haze is a sativa dominant strain, it does have a slight indica effect on a lot of people. You can expect to feel your shoulders loosen up and you neck relax before a wave of uplifting bliss comes over you.

It’s recommended for night or evening time enjoyment because it may put you in a sleepy state but some people report to get a euphoric sensation that they best enjoy during a relaxing daytime activity.

Overall it gives you a sense of mental clarity and focus while allowing you to release stress and tension in the body.

Recommended for;


Flavor Profile

Suver Haze has an earthy, smooth and slightly sour flavor profile of pepper, citrus and green apples. The flavor is potent and dominant so if you smoke Suver Haze along with lighter strains (like CBG flower) it will most likely dominate the tasting experience.

The inhale is quite sharp with lemony flavor while the exhale has a sweeter hint of orange that tapers down into an earthy and spiced peppery aftertaste.

Suver Haze is unapologetic and for most it’s a love-it or hate-it strain.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Farnesene
  • Myrcene


Suver Haze is an overall loud strain with fragrant notes of pepper, mint and lemongrass. There is a slight note of hops and pine that lingers after the citrus aroma fades away.

There is a certain spiciness of cloves and cinnamon that can be pungent and drank if grown by high caliber farmers.

Suver Haze is definitely a complex strain with a complete terpene profile that rounds out all the edges and gives something new with every whiff.


Beautiful dense buds of darkish green with an abundance of orange hairs throughout the nug.

Generally speaking the buds are medium sized and not too sticky so you’ll likely be able to break it down and roll it fairly easily. Some indoor versions of Suver Haze however, can be covered in sticky trichomes so you may need to breakout the grinder to get a nice ground of it.


Buy Suver Haze Online

Like we mentioned above, there are so many vendors of Suver Haze online today that you are doing yourself a disservice by not trying a couple of them.

As alway, you have the option of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse. Indoor and greenhouse are more expensive and often times of higher quality.

However, hemp farmers are improving quickly in 2020 so you can find outdoor flower that has (almost) indoor quality. That is the best option since you’ll get outdoor price for indoor effect.

Best Vendors of Suver Haze

Green Unicorn Farms


An potent Suver Haze that was grown in Southern Oregon with superb farming quality.

GUF always offers buyers with the best of the best when it comes to effect VS price and they help guide consumers to making educated decisions about which strain they should choose.


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