3 NFL teams the Browns could trade Baker Mayfield to


The Cleveland Browns have been in the same position with Baker Mayfield for months now. They want to get rid of him but don’t want to eat nearly $19 million by outright releasing him. That means a trade is their best option.

But who wants him? It is easy to think that no one wants him given the fact that we are nearing the middle of June and he remains in Cleveland. However, there are factors in place such as his salary and what the Browns are asking for that could hold up any deal.


Yet in an ideal world, the team can make something work. Three other teams in particular stand out as those who the Browns could discuss a deal with to finally offload their former first-overall pick.

#1 – Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks remain the obvious pick in this discussion. That is because their current quarterback competition is between Drew Lock and Geno Smith. Does this scream playoff contender?

Mayfield is still a project at this point, but he could show up and certainly give DK Metcalf a good reason to stick around. His presence also gives the franchise someone with a potential future in town. Unfortunately, that is just not the case with Lock or Smith, barring some dramatic turnaround in 2022.

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints

#2 – Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers had the entire offseason to upgrade their quarterback room and all they did was draft Matt Corral in the third round. That means it is between the rookie and Sam Darnold to win the job.


The tricky thing here is that Darnold, like Mayfield, is on a fifth-year option. If they add Mayfield, they may be carrying two quarterbacks on expiring deals. Yet such a cost may have to be eaten for a team desperate for a sense of direction under the leadership of Matt Rhule. He may also need to be bold to save his job, given his 10-23 record in two seasons.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions

#3 – Detroit Lions

This team is a bit of a wild card in this discussion, but the link comes from former Browns GM John Dorsey. He is in the Detroit Lions front office and may want to try and kickstart the Lions in 2022.

Carrying Mayfield and Jared Goff would be very expensive for a rebuilding team. Yet it may be better than just rolling with Goff after the way he performed in 2021. The Lions finally won a game late in the year and acted like they won the Super Bowl.

The Lions are like the Seahawks and Panthers in that they are on track to draft a quarterback early in the 2023 draft. But a good year from Mayfield could change those plans and essentially give them a steal after the Browns gave up on the player who led the team to the playoffs in 2020.

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