A Chance for 3D Creators to Be Part of the Web 3.0 Revolution


If there has ever been a perfect time to become a metaverse fashion designer, it’s now. The design world is undergoing a total revolution, making it more real than ever. The availability of improved technologies to digitize all aspects of human work and provide real-life interaction with things beyond our physical reach due to distance.

Hence, apart from becoming more real, the digital world is rapidly eliminating the wall f limitations brought about by distance to bring us realities.

The Metaverse

Metaverse is the latest and one of the most promising digital innovations.

The metaverse is a persistent, online, three-dimensional universe that combines various virtual spaces. Consider it a future iteration of the internet. Users will be able to collaborate, meet, game, and socialize in these 3D spaces thanks to the metaverse.

Fashion Industry and Metaverse

Various industries are starting to move into the metaverse, leveraging its potential to expand the scope of their businesses. The fashion industry is the latest industry to move to the metaverse.

As fashion enters the metaverse, it can be divided into two types: hybrid, where clothing can be worn using augmented or virtual realities, and fully digital, where items are sold directly to an avatar.

Learning to blend the real and the unreal will become a necessary skill for fashion designers and brands to transition into the future. Similarly, the digital design will almost certainly entice a flood of creative output, so designers and brands must understand how to reach their target audience while mastering digital tools. And, for the time being, video games are where most of these customers are.

OVER Metaverse

Since its inception in 2020, OVER has become one of the most rapidly growing blockchain projects. It is a community-owned blockchain ecosystem that allows users to explore the metaverse and engage in VR and AR experiences using smart glasses or mobile devices.

Its intention to establish a new standard for augmented reality in the crypto ecosystem distinguishes it from the competition. To accomplish this, it has adopted an open-source model in which community members contribute to its growth, making it truly decentralized from its creators.

Furthermore, OVER employs NFTs to provide users with value and act as a link between the physical and digital worlds. OVER has already provided users with immersive activities and treasure hunts for NFTs in unique locations and landmarks within its metaverse since its inception.

OVER has also strategically positioned itself by partnering with Sandbox, one of the largest and most influential metaverses and NFT ecosystems.

TINUS Affiliate Program

This announcement is a watershed moment for the OVER Metaverse. For the first time, creators and fashion designers can upload and sell their clothing and accessories on the OVER Marketplace.

The mission of OVER is to engage 3D creators and fashion brands by enabling them to unleash their imaginations, strengthen their Web3 presence, and profit.

The TINUS Affiliate Program has two primary objectives:

  • Provide a platform for 3D creators to showcase and sell their design collections on the OVER Marketplace.
  • Provide fashion wearables for the OVER Community to use in customizing their avatars.

It is simple to join the TINUS Affiliate Program. When registered users log in to the OVER Marketplace, they will see two dedicated sections:

  • Owned Asset
  • Owned Asset Create Asset – designs are uploaded here.

Each asset will be approved following the Terms and Guidelines. Approval for each asset can take up to a week. OVER reserves the right to inspect the quality of all uploaded items before placing them for sale on the OVER Marketplace.

It costs $10 in OVR tokens to submit assets for review.

Following approval, creators will be able to sell their designs and accessories as NFT wearables in the OVER Marketplace, allowing the OVER Community to dress their avatars in various styles.


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