Adidas loses stripes row trademark battle with luxury designer Thom Browne


has lost a court case to try to stop a fashion designer from using a four-stripe design, the media reported.

The sportswear giant argued that luxury brand Thom Browne Inc’s four stripes were too similar to its three stripes, the BBC reported.

Browne argued that shoppers were unlikely to confuse the two brands as — among other reasons — his had a different number of stripes.

had planned to ask for more than $7.8 million in damages — but a jury in New York sided with Browne.

Browne’s designs often feature four horizontal, parallel stripes, encircling the arm of a garment or — as frequently seen on the creator himself — a sock, BBC reported.

Adidas’ designs often see three stripes.

Browne’s legal team portrayed him as the underdog taking on a huge corporation, and argued the two brands served different customers.

Sportswear does not dominate Thom Browne Inc’s creations and its output is aimed at wealthy customers – for example, a pair of women’s compression leggings cost 680 pounds, while a polo shirt goes for 270 pounds.

Browne’s lawyers also argued that stripes are a common design, the BBC reported.

While launched legal action in 2021, the battle between the two dates back more than 15 years.

In 2007, Adidas complained that Thom Browne was using a three-stripe design on jackets. Browne agreed to stop using it and added a fourth stripe.

Since then Thom Browne Inc has expanded rapidly and is now sold in more than 300 locations worldwide, and in recent years has been creating more athletics wear, BBC reported.



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