Arn Anderson Says This WWE HoFer Is A Great Human Being


 Matthew Wilkinson

The professional wrestling business is one filled with colorful characters, both in and out of the ring, with a wide range of personalities and gimmicks becoming part of the show. However, those colorful personalities can also lead to tension backstage when the cameras are not rolling. While some people in the business build up negative reputations, during the latest episode of his “ARN” podcast, Arn Anderson labeled WWE Hall Of Famer, Ron Simmons, a “great human being.”

Simmons and Anderson shared time together when they worked for WCW. During that time, Simmons teamed with Butch Reed in the tag team division as Doom. Managed by Teddy Long, Doom ultimately became WCW Tag Team Champions, but Simmons went on to achieve even bigger things as a singles star, putting himself in the history books. 

“They were a great team, but I think Ron deserved the push that he got. I am glad that his career evolved like it did … I am glad that he got that first push, he would go on to become the first Black World Heavyweight Champion, and well-deserved,” Anderson said. “He represented the company in such a favorable light once he got there.” Simmons becoming the first Black wrestler to win a World Championship was a historic moment for the wrestling business, breaking barriers to help the entire industry move forward, which the likes of Kofi Kingston and Bobby Lashley have been able to follow. 

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