“Ben this is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen” “Lol how are the Yankees over Astros?”

As we are nearing the All-Star break, and the 2022 MLB season is almost halfway complete. We are starting to get a feel for the top teams in the league. We are also seeing some teams become red-hot, some remain stagnant, and some fall off completely.

Every so often, MLB insider Ben Verlander releases his top 10 team power rankings. One was posted earlier today, July 4, and many find it extremely controversial. It is very hard to make a list like this and expect everybody to be happy about it.

The list features the New York Yankees at the number one spot. Although they have slowed down a bit recently, they still have the best record in the MLB at 58-22. It is understandable why the Yankees would get the top spot. However, after the Yankees, the rankings get a little muddy.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were ranked over the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets. This is despite having a similar record to the Mets and the Braves being red-hot recently.

The rest of the list is controversial as well. Many teams can make the case to be higher on this list. The Milwaukee Brewers are placed seventh on this list despite being 7-3 in their past 10 games. The Boston Red Sox are nowhere to be found, although they have risen to second place in a tough American League East.

Lists like these always go viral on social media because fans have a lot to say about them. It is difficult to please every Major League Baseball fan out there, so there is a lot of hate on this post. Here is what MLB fans had to say about this recent power ranking.

MLB fans are angry over new team power rankings

Fans must realize these rankings are based on who is hot right now, not team performance over the whole season. That said, many thought the Houston Astros deserved to be in the number one spot as they are 8-2 in their last 10 games.

@MLBONFOX @BenVerlander How are the Astros Ben’s “team to beat in the AL” yet also second in power rankings?

This fan makes a good point by bringing up the conclusion of the recent series between the Yankees and the Astros.

Perhaps the most controversial part of this list is the Atlanta Braves being over the New York Mets. Although the Braves have been hot recently, moreso than the Mets, it contradicts the Yankees and Astros decision.

This fan argues that since the Mets have Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer returning soon, they should be after Atlanta.

@MLBONFOX @BenVerlander Hey @BenVerlander the Mets are in 1st place without their 2 aces which are coming back this week there’s no way that the Braves are better 😜😂😜

The Boston Red Sox have been on fire in the best division in baseball, yet they are nowhere to be found. This also made fans angry.

A list featuring the top ten teams in the MLB is never easy to make. There will always be arguments for teams to be higher or lower and upset over teams that were left out. It is going to be very interesting to see how these teams end up at the end of the season.

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