BJP’s expenses on assembly polls in five states up 58% to Rs 344 cr

and the Congress party spent considerably more money in the 2022 of five states, namely, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur, and Uttarakhand, as compared to 2017. BJP’s expenditure rose by 58 per cent, and Congress’s expenditure was up 80 per cent, a report by Indian Express (IE) showed.

In 2017, had spent Rs 218.26 crore on the elections in the five states. In 2022, the expenditure was recorded at Rs 344 crore. On the other hand, Congress’s bill rose from Rs 108.14 crore to Rs 194.80 crore during the same period.

spent the highest amount of money in the five states in UP. Out of Rs 344 crore, Rs 221.32 crore were spent on UP alone. It was 26 per cent higher than Rs 175.1 crore in 2017.

However, in and Goa, the hike was steeper. BJP spent Rs 36.7 crore during the in 2022, nearly five times the Rs 7.4 crore spent in 2017. In Goa, the expenditure of Rs 19.07 crore in 2022 was four times Rs 4.37 crore in 2017.

In and Manipur, BJP spent Rs 43.67 crore and Rs 23.52 in 2022. It won UP, Goa, and .

The IE report added that Rs 12 crore was reportedly spent on virtual campaigns by the BJP.

The data on state-wise expenditure break-up of Congress’s expenditure was not available to the (EC).

IE report added that the gross receipts from the date of poll announcement stood at Rs 914 crore for BJP and Rs 240.10 crore for the Congress party.

The parties are required to submit their election expenditure statements to the EC within 75 days of Assembly polls and 90 days of Lok Sabha polls.

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