Candice Michelle Teases Potential WWE Return


 Kieran Fisher

Candice Michelle parted ways with WWE in 2009, but could she be set to return to the company for one night only?

This year’s WWE Royal Rumble premium live event is set to emanate from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, meaning that fans can expect the titular men’s and women’s matches to feature some surprise entrants — and Michelle is more than willing to be one of them. During a recent interview with “Ring the Belle” (h/t Fightful), the former WWE Women’s Champion revealed that people always ask her about appearing in the women’s Royal Rumble match. So, why hasn’t Michelle been involved yet?

“I get this question all the time. I’m so down for it. Even one year, they promoted that I was going to be there and people were like, ‘Why didn’t you show up?’ I was like, ‘The truth is they just never called me.’ They have a certain amount of people they gotta have, a certain look, group, and all that stuff. I just haven’t made the list yet.”

However, if WWE asks the former Women’s Champion to compete at this year’s show, she’ll be there in a heartbeat. “I live in Texas. It’s a good year to go back, I’m just saying. I’m ready. I hope it happens, but we’ll see what they do,” she added.

Despite leaving WWE over a decade ago, Michelle returned for the “Raw Reunion” episode in 2019. She even won the WWE 24/7 title on the night, only to lose it to Alundra Blayze moments later.


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