Cash Wheeler Reveals What He Thinks Was FTR’s Biggest Downfall In WWE


 Matthew Wilkinson

FTR might be taking a couple of months off, but Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood dominated the wrestling landscape throughout 2022, putting on countless classic matches and holding multiple tag titles around the world. They are viewed as one of the best teams on the planet, and that was the case during their “WWE NXT” days as well. However, their WWE main roster run didn’t quite go according to plan.

Despite the fact that they held both the WWE “Raw” and “SmackDown” Tag Team Championships during their run, the duo didn’t quite reach the same level that they had previously, or have done since. When responding to a fan on social media who had shared footage of FTR (then known as The Revival) competing against Shinsuke Nakamura and KENTA, Wheeler pointed out the injury he suffered. 

“This video where I take the GTS is the moment I broke my jaw. 10 days after our Raw debut,” Wheeler tweeted. “Had it wired shut for six weeks and missed about two months. I think that was [the] biggest downfall for our main roster time.”

Of course, because Wheeler was unable to compete, the duo was taken off television, which halted their momentum at the time. They had attacked The New Day upon their initial debut, but that storyline ended up fizzling out afterward because of Wheeler’s injury, and when they returned to action they moved on to work with The Hardy Boyz. 

There has been some speculation lately about the possibility of FTR returning to WWE as they have revealed their AEW contracts end in April; however, Harwood has been open about the fact that Vince McMahon returning has lowered that possibility.


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