Champions League 2022/23 prize money: How much will the winners earn?


THE Champions League is well underway and teams will be bidding to win the historic big-eared trophy.

Last year’s winners Real Madrid made a strong start to their defence, beating Celtic 3-0 at Parkhead.

Real Madrid won last season's Champions League final in Paris


Real Madrid won last season’s Champions League final in ParisCredit: Getty

While Liverpool, on the other hand, were soundly beaten 4-1 by Napoli in their opening group game.

Chelsea also lost their opener to Zagreb, but Manchester City and Tottenham were victorious in clashes against Sevilla and Marseille.

European giants Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus and PSG are all also vying to win this season’s tournament.

And whoever does get their hands on the trophy next year is set to pocket a big influx of cash for their club.

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What will each club make?

The revenue available for teams to earn this season in the Champions will be £1.7billion.

From that pot of cash, £431m will go to teams just for participating in games, while £517m will be awarded on a performance-related basis.

And the rest, £258m, will be distributed based on variable amounts (market pool), such as TV allocations.

A breakdown of the prize money for the winner of the competition is as follows:

All 32 clubs to qualify for the group stages receive a payment of £13.48m.

A win in the group stage is worth £2.4m, with draws earning clubs £802,000.

Reaching the round of 16 will earn a club an extra £8.2m.

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Quarter-finalists make £9.1m.

Semi-finalists make £10.7m.

And the finalists receive £13.3m with an extra £3.8m going to the champions.

The final earnings of this season’s winner will be dependent on how many games they win in total.

Last year’s winners Real Madrid made £102million.


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