Chavo Guerrero Weighs In On WWE Possibly Being Sold To The Saudis


 Sean Neumann

Many have weighed in on the idea that Vince McMahon’s return to WWE could lead to him selling the company to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, after rumors about such a sale swirled around social media recently. In a new interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, former WWE star and current pro wrestling trainer Chavo Guerrero shared his thoughts about the prospect of an international sale and what that could mean for the future of pro wrestling’s top company.

“Look, Vince is a businessman,” Guerrero said. “I’ve always said it. He’s the guy that’s going to put a lot of personal issues aside. It may take him a minute, but eventually he does, when he sees green. It’s about putting the dollars in the bank. So you got that Saudi investment fund that’s supposedly worth, I don’t know, around $417 billion. So three, four, five billion dollars to them is really not much. It’d be like me having $417,000 and spending a $5,000 check. That’s nothing. To them, it’s like, great, awesome.”

However, Guerrero raised a number of red flags over how seriously such an owner would treat the historic promotion, which has remained at the top of the business since McMahon bought the then-WWF from his father in the early ’80s and grew it into an international brand. Reports have since shot down the rumors McMahon reached a deal with the Saudis to buy WWE, but the likelihood of a sale remains at top of mind for many in the business. “What happens when [the Saudis] take it over?” Guerrero asked. “They take it over and is it just a play toy to them? Do they just not care, they just play around with it? Are they really serious about actually making money off this thing?”


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