Corey Graves wants fans to remember how good Carmella is in the ring

Corey Graves, WWE commentator and husband to RAW star Carmella, recently stated that he wants fans to remember how good his wife can be in the ring.

The ‘most beautiful woman in all of WWE’ is looking to win championship gold again. She will face Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship at Money In The Bank on July 2.

As she recently spent some time away from the world title picture, Graves said on this week’s edition of After The Bell that no matter the result against Belair, fans will see how talented a wrestler his wife is:

“Let’s say she comes up short, which I personally hope doesn’t happen, but let’s say it does happen, this is an opportunity for everybody watching to go, ‘Damn, she didn’t win but she’s really good,’ or, ‘Oh, we forgot Carmella could do this.’ The profile of the match-up is the most valuable part of the equation.” (from 5:37 to 5:58)

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion will hope she can add another world title to her resume when she faces Bianca Belair.

Carmella feels she doesn’t get the credit she deserves

Despite being the first-ever woman to win the Money In The Bank Ladder match, the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion feels she is overlooked.

Carmella recently took to Twitter, where she stated that looks sometimes overshadow her talent in the ring:

“One thing about me is I ALWAYS rise to the occasion. I don’t get the credit I deserve because of my looks. I’m the TOTAL PACKAGE and my resume speaks for itself… but y’all aren’t ready for that conversation. Stay mad.” (H/T: Twitter)

Although the 34-year-old star receives plenty of criticism from people online, her list of accolades in WWE deserves respect.

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