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Good morning Man Utd fans

Cristiano Ronaldo has thanked English football fans for giving him support following the death of his baby son.

Speaking in his interview with Piers Morgan, the Manchester United star said: “I never, ever expect that. Never. I have the opportunity now to say, all the English community, thank you a lot for that, [it] kind of helped me.

“I received a letter from The Queen’s family as well … And, it surprised me a lot… This is why I say, I respect the English community, English people, because they’ve been very kind to me.

“And in that difficult moment of my life… [the support] was spectacular.

“The way they treated me, me and my family in that difficult moment, I should say straight to the camera thank you, ‘Thank you, to the all English community that helped me in that moment’.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo also hit back at Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville for their criticism over recent weeks.

On Rooney, he said: “I care about the people who like me. I don’t waste time on the people who don’t like me, they are not interested in my life. I like to be surrounded by the people who love me, I don’t waste time on people who criticise me.

“I don’t understand, you should ask him [Rooney]. It was only one year ago, six months ago he had his kids here and he invited Cristiano to play football. “I really don’t understand people like that. Or if they want to be in a cover of the paper of the news, or they want new jobs or whatever.

“Probably because he finished his career in his thirties and I’m still playing at a high level, I’m not going to say I’m looking better but it’s true.”

And on Neville, he then added: “People can have their own opinions but they don’t really know what’s going on in the training ground or in my life, they shouldn’t just listen to one point of view but mine as well.

“They are not my friends, they are colleagues, we play together, we’re never going for dinner for example. As part of my journey they criticise me but I continue my trip.”


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