Daly Cherry-Evans admits mental side can win World Cup final battles


DALY Cherry-Evans is ready for a battle to make Australia’s World Cup final team – but knows ability alone is not where the magic comes from.

If he does not, he will pass on his knowledge of what playing at Old Trafford is like.

Daly Cherry-Evans has revealed how mental work boosted his physical output


Daly Cherry-Evans has revealed how mental work boosted his physical outputCredit: SWPIX.COM

The Manly Sea Eagles half back is one of three players competing for two spots – Cameron Muster and Nathan Cleary the others.

But after working with the Ignite agency – which has recruited former Wigan and Salford star Lee Mossop and works with Test captain James Tedesco- he knows what goes on in his head has just as big a role as what he does on the training pitch as boss Mal Meninga weighs up his options.

He also knows he relied too much on what he can do earlier in his career.

Cherry-Evans, who played at Old Trafford in the 2013 final, said: “As professional athletes, there’s obviously a huge element of physical preparation but the magic seems to happen in between the ears.

“It’s about making sure you’re nice and clear, nice and focused on game day and Ignite really sharpened that for me.

“For the first half of my career, I got away with just ability and talent. It’s not until teams start to work you out that you have to come up with different ways of keeping sharp.

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“That mental edge and preparation is so important. Once I worked out training is just half the battle, it took my game to a new level and it became a lot more enjoyable.

“Physically as a team we’re primed. It’s between the ears now, making sure we’re not getting bored of playing the same style of rugby we’ve been building towards.

“Playing at Old Trafford in 2013 was a really special experience, something I’ll never forget. If I don’t make the team, maybe I can shed some experience on the squad if they need it.”

Cherry-Evans and Australia go to hold on to the trophy they feel is theirs against surprise packages Samoa, who ended England’s hopes, tomorrow.

Australia take on surprise packages Samoa tomorrow


Australia take on surprise packages Samoa tomorrowCredit: SWPIX.COM

Yet still they can wander around Manchester without being bothered by people either wanting a photo or to tell them what they think of them.

That, as opposed to being in a Sydney or Brisbane goldfish bowl, has given Meninga’s men a new lease of life.

The 33-year-old added: “It’s been really refreshing. Sydney’s a bit of a fish bowl and I’ve played for Queensland, it’s crazy how fanatical people can be there.

“That’s great but being over here and heading down the street for a coffee or some food knowing you’re not going to get harassed, is great.

“You know you’re going to be all right and not surrounded, which is nice.”

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