Danny Sabatello says fight with Raufeon Stots for real belt: ‘I don’t want to hear s*** about Sergio Pettis’

Danny Sabatello expected to see Raufeon Stots in the cage after his Bellator 282 win, and after a tense faceoff, he’s even more confident about his chances in their upcoming fight.

“Dude, I’m telling you, I’m already in this motherf*****’s head,” Sabatello said Monday on The MMA Hour. “I put my middle finger right in his face – my finger was touching his f****** nose for, like, five seconds, and he didn’t do s***. I was standing there, like, ‘Is this motherf***** going to do something? What the hell’s going on? Like, do something, bro.’ He’s scared, dude.”

Sabatello was “actually surprised” he didn’t punch the interim champ and was shocked to hear the crowd cheer for Stots’ teardown of his performance against Leandro Higo this past Friday.

Stots screamed “terrible” and a few other choice words when asked by Bellator commentator John McCarthy to rate Sabatello’s performance.

“And the crowd erupted,” mused Sabatello, who flipped the bird to his future opponent (and took a $5,000 fine for “abusive language.” “He said one word. … I’m standing there, like, these people are f****** morons. He said one word. But yeah, it makes it even better … It’s going to be even better when I beat the s*** out of him.”

As Sabatello says, boos are music to his cauliflowered ears. Now, he won’t have to do all the work to sell the fight.

“I like that he talks s***, and let me be clear, he’s not good at it,” Sabatello said of Stots. “He does talk trash, absolutely, but he’s not f****** good at it. He stutters. You can tell he scripts his s***. It’s not good.

“I’m very happy that I get to fight him, because I know that he’s going to talk s*** to me, and it’s a perfect matchup for me. He doesn’t really pose any finishing threats. I think his standup is average. His ground, which he likes to think he’s a ground guy, is average. It’s just a fight where I think I’m better everywhere.”

Stots won the interim bantamweight title with a highlight-reel knockout of ex-featherweight and bantam champ Juan Archuleta at Bellator 279. As you can imagine, Sabatello wasn’t impressed.

“He was losing against Archuleta before he got that lucky f****** head-kick, and it wasn’t even a head-kick – his knee caught Archuleta’s f****** face because he was a little too close,” Sabatello said. “But yeah, Stots is not a good fighter. I’m going to f****** finish him.”

Bellator has not booked a date for the interim title match. Sabatello hopes it’s in his native Chicago but adds “it might not be a good idea, because my boys will probably just beat the s*** out of him before he gets off the f****** plane.” As long as in the U.S., “The Italian Gangster” is game.

In Sabatello’s mind, he’s fighting for the undisputed belt when he steps in the cage against Stots. The current champ, Sergio Pettis, might have something to say about that, but Sabatello would counter Pettis is no longer the champion because he withdrew from the tournament.

That gave Sabatello the chance to win gold and the $1 million tourney prize, so he isn’t all mad.

“Thank you Sergio, from the bottom of my heart, for you being a little b****,” he said. “Stots has the belt in my book, as he should because he’s so much better than Pettis. I mean, c’mon.

“So yeah, this fight will be for the belt. I don’t want to hear s*** about interim belt, I don’t want to hear any of that nonsense, this f****** fight, Sabatello against Stots, is for the title.”

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