Dax Harwood Describes Mercedes Moné’s Backstage Demeanor At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom


 Dakota Cohen

Mercedes Moné made her long-awaited return to the world of professional wrestling on January 4 at New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom, which was her first wrestling appearance since she and Naomi walked out of “WWE Raw” on May 16. 

Moné’s return to pro wrestling drew much attention from fellow wrestlers and fans, as she had been one of the biggest stars to depart from WWE in recent years. With it being a big moment for Moné, it would be expected that she would experience many emotions, which Dax Harwood — long-time friend to Moné and who was also on the Wrestle Kingdom card – seemingly confirmed while on the “FTR with Dax” podcast.

“I know how she was feeling,” Harwood said. “She was proud, nervous, excited, scared, all of the emotions, you know? She hit this finishing move and nobody knows what that was. Nobody knows how it felt. But, how proud she was in that moment and how nervous she was walking down the aisle, like, everyone can relate to that and I know that she was so proud of herself because she did it her way. She stood up for what she believed in. She stood up for what she thought was right and she was able to achieve probably the thing she’s dreamt about the longest.”

Moné attacked KAIRI, nailing her with a move that was supposed to be a modified DDT, and held the IWGP Women’s Championship, signaling that she has an interest in winning her first title after leaving WWE. Moné will take on KAIRI at the now sold-out NJPW Battle In The Valley on February 18 in her first match since May 2022.


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