Derek Chisora tells Tyson Fury he will LOSE to Anthony Joshua as rivals clash in heated exchange after Joyce v Parker

DEREK CHISORA has landed a blow on Tyson Fury by telling him to his face that he’ll lose to Anthony Joshua.

Brit Chisora, 38, accused Fury of not following up on his word and called out the Gypsy King to a bare knuckle fight.

Chisora gatecrashed Fury's ringside interview at last night's Joyce vs Parker heavyweight clash


Chisora gatecrashed Fury’s ringside interview at last night’s Joyce vs Parker heavyweight clash

The duo were were ringside in Manchester to watch Joe Joyce dispatch Joseph Parker with a stunning knockout to win their heavyweight clash.

A huge left hook in the 11th round saw former world champ Parker stopped for the first time in his career.

And after the main event, Fury was being interviewed by talkSPORT when Del Boy interrupted.

Chisora: “I’m in Manchester.”

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Fury: “Derek, what’s happening.”

Chisora: “I am in Manchester, remember what you said?”

Fury: “What did I say about Manchester?”

Chisora: “You said come to Manchester and I’ll fight you bare knuckle and you were talking s***. I’m here.”


Fury: “Why didn’t you sign the contract then?”

Chisora: “You didn’t send me a contract.”

Fury: “Two million quid.”

Chisora: “Don’t send me messages saying come to my home and I’ll fight you bare knuckle.”

Fury: “I’ll fight you bare knuckle. No problem. Any time, any place, any where. You got two million and you refused it.”

Chisora: “You didn’t send me anything.”

Fury: “There was no need to send it. You declined two million.”

Chisora: “If the fight happens, he’ll [AJ] win.”

The duo have fought twice before, the Gypsy King claiming both victories


The duo have fought twice before, the Gypsy King claiming both victoriesCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

Fury: “I’ll win. I’ll knock him out inside six rounds. If you want, I’ll fight you in between rounds too. That’s how easy work it is.”

Chisora: “Like how your mate [Parker] done here.”

Fury:  ‘My mate beat you though, didn’t he? And I beat you.”

Chisora: “He got knocked out though.”

Fury: “I knocked you out, so what does that say about you? He beat you, and I beat you also.”

Chisora: “Do you want to fight? I will pay your wages.”

Fury: “You couldn’t afford my wages.”

Chisora: “You’d be very surprised.”

Fury: “If your man don’t fight, I will definitely fight you. He won’t fight because he’s a s***house. He’s got his contract, I tossed him a bone.”

The 34-year-old Fury wants to defend his crown against the former WBA, IBF and WBO champ Joshua in Cardiff.

But the undefeated Morecambe giant says he won’t wait any longer for the London 2012 golden boy to return the signed contract that was sent last Friday.

Fury has his fights broadcast on BT Sport and ESPN in America but AJ recently penned an exclusive deal with streaming app DAZN.

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The TV channel remains one of the final stumbling blocks that could potentially scupper the fight but both sides are willing to negotiate a plan.

But Fury insists Joshua, who suffered a second successive defeat to Oleksandr Usyk on August 20, says his rival is in no position to make demands.

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