Emma Raducanu opens up on never doing ‘any normal teenage things’ because of tennis


Emma Raducanu admitted she was never able to do “normal teenage things” but she is not complaining as she had a clear goal in her mind that she wanted to achieve. Raducanu, 20, is now the face of British tennis and has already done great things for British tennis.

Last year, Raducanu won the US Open as a qualifier as she became the first British female player since 1977 to win a Grand Slam. But in order to be where she is now, Raducanu sacrificed a lot. “I’ve never gone out.

I’ve never done any normal teenage things. Between training and the travel, (the lifestyle) takes some getting used to, but I like to be on my own and it’s always about the bigger picture. In my career, I’ve done pretty well compared to most teenagers.

Hopefully, I’ll be playing throughout my twenties and into my thirties – I’m looking forward to putting in a good shift,” Raducanu told Grazia Magazine.

Raducanu on the interesting part of tennis

A tennis season lasts 11 months and there are tournaments held every week.

Because of that, there are always opportunities for players to turn the page and start playing better. “(In tennis) it could look like it’s all going down, down, down and just not getting any better. But it can all change so fast.

Just one match can have a big influence on your confidence and the momentum comes, you feel like you can’t lose,” Raducanu explained. Raducanu, who turned 20 this month, played her first full season on the WTA Tour this year.

As expected, Raducanu had her ups and downs throughout the season as she finished the year with a 17-19 record. Raducanu’s best result of the season came in September, when she reached the Seoul semifinal. Now, Raducanu is preparing for the 2023 season as she is scheduled to start her season in Auckland.

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