Eric Bischoff Examines Khans’ Interest In Buying WWE


 Kieran Fisher

The wrestling world is still talking about Vince McMahon reinstating himself to WWE’s Board of Directors to oversee a potential sale of the company. Several major entities are reportedly interested in acquiring WWE, including Disney, Comcast, and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund. However, word on the street is that the Khan family might also be interested in buying WWE.

During the latest episode of “83 Weeks,” Eric Bischoff commented on the rumors that the AEW owners could purchase WWE. While he’d never rule out the possibility completely, he believes that the Khan family’s reported interest is part of a publicity stunt.

“Never say never, because we’re talking about professional wrestling, but I wouldn’t go near that bet,” Bischoff said. “My opinion — that’s all it is, is an opinion — is that Tony [Khan] and his dad [Shahid Khan] are taking advantage of the hype, they’re taking advantage of all of the news, and they got some great press out of it.”

Bischoff also stated that it’s an effective strategy and that he would have taken it further if he was in the Khans’ shoes. The former WCW executive claimed that he’d have called up media outlets and said that he had a meeting booked with WWE officials, followed by an appearance at the company’s Stanford headquarters to give off the impression that he was being serious.

That said, it’s worth noting that Bischoff was responding to speculative reports. As of this writing, neither Tony nor Shahid Khan has publicly expressed their interest in buying WWE. The rumors began after Barron’s, a sister site of The Wall Street Journal, published an article claiming that AEW is part of a pool of interested buyers, but the report has yet to be verified by any rumored party involved.


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