Eric Bischoff On What He Thinks Is Vince McMahon’s Ultimate Play


 Dominic DeAngelo

Eric Bischoff is not changing where he’s putting his chips on the roulette wheel that is currently being spun by WWE and Vince McMahon. Bischoff has been busy this week, as the former WCW President has done multiple shows for, and on the latest episode of “After 83 Weeks,” Bischoff maintained that he thinks McMahon’s primary goal includes him taking WWE private once again.

“I still believe that, whether it’s with Endeavor or some other third-party investment,” he said. “When the smoke is cleared, WWE will be a privately held company. That’s my prediction and I haven’t changed it.” WWE has been on the stock market for more than two decades, so why does Bischoff think that going private is the play for his former boss?

“It’s not new,” Bischoff said. “It happens frequently, and there’s different reasons for different companies and the people that take them private. I said, again, early on, there’s two scenarios: one is WWE is going to get sold through Comcast or Disney or somebody else. Bischoff added that it would be an outright acquisition or McMahon would return and take the company private.

“There’s a lot of financial reasons why, but also being a publicly held company brings with it a tremendous amount of limitations,” Bischoff said. “Operating a publicly held company is a lot different than operating a private company. There’s a lot of reasons. I couldn’t begin to try to read into what Vince McMahon may be thinking or what his goals may be, but there’s a lot of good reasons to take the company private.”

It was just a week ago that McMahon made news by returning to the company, specifically as a member of the board of directors. Since then, Stephanie McMahon has stepped down as co-CEO and Vince is back as Executive Chairman.


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