Examining The Heartbreaking Story Of Lex Luger And Miss Elizabeth


Miss Elizabeth married once more to Cary Lubetsky, five years after her divorce from Savage. Around this same time, Elizabeth was put in the role of manager for Lex Luger. The two were apparently seeing one another while still married to their partners, leading to Elizabeth’s divorce from Lubetsky in 1999. “Obviously [it was] something neither of us should have been doing, but it just progressed from there,” Luger said during an episode of A&E “Legends” (h/t NY Post).

If fans were under the impression that this might cause some backstage tension between Savage and Luger, the latter denies that was the case. In a 2013 interview with “Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio,” Luger explained his relationship with Savage. “Behind the scenes, we were always very good friends. Traveled together for a long period of time, went to the gym together, traveled to Europe together, we played cards together. Even later on, when I had a relationship with Elizabeth, he’d already been divorced for so many years.”

Unfortunately, issues between Miss Elizabeth and Luger were much more common during their relationship. In the A&E “Legends” episode, Luger mentioned how his downward spiral into drugs and alcohol had started during this time, but he was under the impression he was too disciplined to ever succumb to addiction. Eric Bischoff stated on the show that Luger and Elizabeth were indulging far too much in drugs. “The two had a clandestine relationship, but they were both participating a little too much in the pharmaceutical side of the recreational activities.”


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