F-150 Lightning Bricked at Electrify America Charging Station


We’ve all had the experience of plugging our phone in and having it display an error message with some lame excuse about why it can’t charge. Many of us have likely had a similar experience with an electric vehicle. However, the stakes are quite a bit higher when we’re talking about the electricity needed to charge an EV. A Ford F-150 Lightning owner discovered how serious charging can be when a recent trip to an Electrify America charging station went wrong. 

Eric Roe owns the F-150 Lightning and was charging in Oregon on a road trip when the incident took place. While charging the truck, Roe heard a loud boom. His truck became completely unresponsive after the sound and displayed several error messages. The truck couldn’t be shifted into neutral, requiring the tow truck driver to drag it out of its charging spot. 

Roe initially heard that the repair would take more than a week, but a Ford rep contacted him and escalated the issue. He later posted that the dealer needed to replace the truck’s 12-volt battery before diagnosing any additional problems. The automaker is still investigating the case, and there have been no other updates since. 

This is certainly a dramatic situation, but less serious charging failures are common. One of the more frequent complaints among new EV owners is that it’s difficult to find working and reliable charging stations. The situation should improve with government investment and other funds, but for now, an open charger doesn’t always mean a full battery. 

[Image: Eric Roe via Twitter]

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