F1 Dutch Grand Prix LIVE RESULTS: Verstappen claims POLE as Hamilton fourth-fastest, Ferraris in 2nd and 3rd


Lewis Hamilton is happy with fourth on grid

The Brit has revealed he is much happier with his Mercedes car going into the second half of the season.

Hamilton said: “I was much happier coming into this weekend, to have a car that’s potentially fighting.

“But I just don’t understand, one weekend it can be so far off and the next weekend, all of a sudden, we’re right there. It’s confusing.

“But there are lots of positives to take from today.

“If we hadn’t had the yellow flag we would have been fighting for the front row.

“The potential is there but I have no idea whether the car is going to be good or bad at the next races.

“It’s like a mood swing. Like the characteristics of a human being, you don’t know what side of the bed you’re going to get out of.”


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