Facts About FTR That Only Hardcore Fans Know


FTR entered AEW under that name. The letters F.T.R. have stood for various things over the years, but one of the most popular meanings started thanks to the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes. 

In 2017, FTR, who at the time were still wrestling for WWE, engaged in some chummy Twitter banter with The Young Bucks over who the best tag team in the world was. Cody Rhodes, who was a few years away from finding himself as an EVP for AEW, couldn’t help himself, but to chime in on the conversation.

Rhodes tweeted, “F*** the Revival,” in response to who he thought the best tag team in wrestling was, which gained a lot of traction around the internet wrestling community. This expanded in popularity after Cody used the phrase multiple times on “Being The Elite.” After Cody’s tweet, #FTR became a trending term as others speculated what the “F” stood. FTR themselves have chimed in saying that the letters can change in meaning depending on the situation. After their AEW debut, Cash Wheeler fueled the speculation by tweeting, “Fear The Revolt — F**k The Rest — For The Revolution.”


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