Famed Wrestling Belt Maker Dave Millican Names Favorite Title He’s Made


 Nick Miller

Championship belt maker Dave Millican has been a part of the wrestling industry for decades, creating iconic titles for WWE, WCW, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, while also adding UFC to his resume and even TV shows like “Young Rock.” However, speaking on “Talk Is Jericho,” Millican revealed that out of all the belts he’s worked on, he has a favorite creation, one of the more recent additions to the wrestling landscape.

“My favorite — in terms of making a statement, of making an impact — is the AEW title,” Millican said. “I legitimately believe that the AEW title is the best-looking belt on television … To me, that one stands out, and it’s not just the convenient answer, or the politically correct answer because I would tell you the truth. I’ve made a lot of belts I don’t care for because that’s just what somebody paid me to do. But I think that one stands out.”

According to Millican, the AEW World Championship takes much of its inspiration from the old Mid-South North American Championship belt from the 1980s, which is evident when you compare the two designs. The talented craftsman also shared that AEW’s top prize is likely the most expensive title out there, reaching up to five figures when you account for everything that went into making it.

Along with that costly championship, the belt maker credits some of his IWGP designs for NJPW as standing the test of time among his favorites. For now, though he isn’t creating championships for WWE, Millican is content with his AEW partnership and making belts for companies and individuals outside the wrestling industry, such as pop star Madonna and heavy-duty manufacturer Mack Truck.


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