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‘I’m not sexy… no Lamborghini on order’ 

Graham Potter has the job, the pay packet and a smart new blue tracksuit but still does not fancy himself, writes ANDY DILLON.

In his former job as Brighton boss Potter claimed he will never be a “sexy” Premier League manager.

Tomorrow, he will take charge of his first Premier League games as Chelsea head coach – regarded as one of football’s plum jobs regardless of the associated risks.

Despite the glitz and glamour that goes with the £10million-a-year salary, plain old Potter is happy as he is.

He said: “I very rarely feel sexy. Maybe you do but I very rarely do.

“I’m intelligent enough to know that I started off in the bottom tier, below the bottom tier and after a process of trial and error and a lot of hard work and a lot of luck and help from other people I’ve got to this point.

“That’s quite a fantastic achievement and something I’m really proud of but at the same time I’m a human being and certainly not perfect and I don’t think that I’ve cracked anything, doesn’t mean that I’ve got all the answers.

“There is no Lamborghini on order – I am driving the same car I drove when I picked it up in England when I returned to Swansea.

“My life has not changed at all, if I am being honest. Apart from the fact I live in a different place, I am still trying to prepare for the matches, doing the job I am in and getting ready for the challenge ahead.”

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