Forme WWE Star recalls doing Vince McMahon a favor

While Vince McMahon would now be very cautious when it comes to having physical therapists and trainers on the road, things weren’t quite the same a couple of decades ago. Former WWE star Crowbar recalled the time Road Dogg was injured on the road ahead of a show where he needed to compete.

The situation called on Crowbar to wrap up Road Dogg’s hip, and Vince McMahon thanked him for the favor. At the time, Road Dogg was one of the company’s featured stars. With wrestlers being on the road for most of the year, injuries are common but they are mostly dealt with by on-hand physical therapists before the performers can be treated properly in a medical facility.

In a recent interview with PWMania, Crowbar dived deep into a number of topics ranging from his time with WWE to his recent and ongoing ventures in the wrestling business. Here’s what he had to say regarding the aforementioned incident:

“”It [Meeting Vince McMahon] was very brief. It was always a nod and a wave. But I do remember when Road Dogg hurt his hip and needed to wrestle. At the time, they didn’t have a trainer on the road with them, so I wrapped up Road Dogg’s hip before his match, and he said he felt okay to go wrestle. And Vince thanked me for that,” said Crowbar. [h/t PWMania]

Crowbar on almost getting hired by Vince McMahon as WWE’s physical therapist for the road

While Crowbar had an impressive career in the ring, the veteran of the sport almost became a physical therapist for WWE after he helped Road Dogg:

“That started a conversation where Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, and Mick Foley were pushing for me to be the company’s PT for the road after I graduated,” Crowbar added. “It didn’t materialize, for whatever reason.” [h/t PWMania]”

Crowbar further explained what he is currently up-to following his recent appearance in AEW:

“I’ve been working regularly with ISPW, doing tag team wrestling with Adam [Payne],” Crowbar continued. “I’ve also been doing Outlaw Wrestling and other companies. I’m taking the bookings as they come, and we’ll see where it goes. It’s a fun ride!” [H/t PWMania]

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Crowbar continues to wrestle on the independent scene, and his story about McMahon is one of many memorable experiences he’s had throughout his career.

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