Former WWE Referee Talks Conspiracy Theory That Vince McMahon Never Left


 Dakota Cohen

Vince McMahon officially returned to WWE as Executive Chairman of the Board earlier this month after leaving the company last July. His decision to “retire” followed multiple reports of him paying hush money to former female employees in exchange for their silence regarding his inappropriate behavior. With the news of McMahon officially returning to WWE, some are not completely sure this is actually a true return. On his “Monday Mailbag” podcast, former longtime WWE referee under McMahon, Mike Chioda, shared his thoughts on McMahon’s recent return to power within WWE.

“People say, ‘Yeah, he’s back,’” Chioda said. “I don’t think he ever left and if he didn’t show up to the arenas, he was on a Zoom chat, probably with Hunter, or Triple H, and everybody … Vince built an empire, a wrestling empire – entertainment, and it is his baby, you know? ‘Monday Night Raw’ is his baby.”

McMahon has stated his intentions regarding his return to WWE, saying he plans to pursue a sale of the company. The list of potential buyers includes Disney, NBCUniversal, Amazon, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, and even AEW CEO Tony Khan and his father. McMahon’s return has not gone completely smoothly, as there have been multiple changes in the company’s power structure in a short time, such as former Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon’s choosing to resign from the company. With some expressing concern or displeasure regarding the possibility of a sale, Chioda did not have much negative to say.

“I wish him the best and if he sells the product, you know, he sells it.”

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