Former WWE Star Got Stressed Wrestling Alison Brie For GLOW


 Danny Wolstanholme

The wrestling-inspired series “GLOW” — based on the 1980s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion – first made its way onto Netflix in 2017. Despite being renewed for a fourth season, the streaming service pulled the show in 2020 when production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Former Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie had already completed filming scenes before the new series was axed. But during a recent podcast appearance, she discussed how “stressful” it was stepping into the ring with the other actresses during production.

“I was, like, wrestling Alison Brie, and I’m like, ‘Don’t drop her. Don’t drop her. Don’t drop her,’” Valkyrie said on the “Comedy Store Wrestling” podcast. “[She was] so nice. You know, we choreographed everything in a way that it was as safe as possible. I just remember John [Morrison] coming to watch me film on the day we were doing the in-ring stuff. And he’s like, ‘How many times did you do that?’ I go, ‘A lot.’ Because it’s so different filming wrestling for a show like that than it is to just have the match and be over,” she added. “I loved it. I could have done that forever.”

Alison Brie was cast in the lead role of Ruth Wilder who, in turn, portrayed the wrestling persona Zoya the Destroya, a fictional Russian-born wrestler generally based on actual GLOW wrestler Colonel Ninotchka, who held the promotion’s championship for 189 days. Throughout the show’s history, notable names from the pro wrestling industry such as Chavo Guerrero Jr., Valkyrie’s real-life husband John Morrison, and Awesome Kong have all made appearances.

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