Gaumutra cures illness, dung protects from nuclear radiation: Gujarat court


All the problems of earth will be solved the day no drop of blood of cow drops of the earth and even nuclear radiation cannot affect houses made of cow dung, a court noted, as report by LiveLaw.

While announcing the life imprisonment sentence to a 22-year old Mohammed Aameen Arif Anjum, Judge SV Vyas of Tapi district court said that religion is born out of a cow.

Anjum was arrested in July 2020 for illegally transporting over 16 cows and their progeny in a truck and they were tied with a rope with no facility for food or water.

“Cow is not only an animal, but it is the mother. That is why it is given the name of the mother. None is so grateful as a cow. A cow is the living planet of 68 crore holy places and thirty-three crore gods. The obligation of a cow on the entire Universe defies description. The day when no drop of blood of cow drops on the earth all problems of the earth will be solved and the well-being of the earth will be established. There is much talk of cow protection and cow rearing but it is not put in to practice,” the order read.

He added that the use of Gaumutra (cow urine) can cure many incurable diseases. The order said “consumption of cures many incurable diseases. Cow is a symbol of religion”

Anjum was arrested under the Animal Preservation Act, 2011, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, the Essential Commositied and Cattle (Control) Act, 2005 as well as Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 2015.

He has been awarded life imprisonment along with a fine of Rs 5 lakh.

“Period of more than 70 years has elapsed since we got independence. Not only the cow slaughter has not stopped but it is reaching its climax. The problems that exist today are because of the increase in irascibility and hot temper. The only reason for the increase is the slaughter of cows. Till this is completely prohibited, the sattvic climate cannot have its effect,” the court said in the order.


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