Google Chrome gets price tracker, side panel search, and more: Details here


American technology company has started rolling out a feature update of its Chrome browser. The new version brings bug fixes, improved security, and new features. Among the new additions in the browser’s features is the capability to track price of products, look for search results in the side panel, sync passwords through QR code, and more. Below are the details:

Price tracking

Price tracking feature helps users to track the price of a product across several online stores at once. Users will be notified via an email if there is a price drop on any site, so they can buy the product when the price is right for them. To activate, follow the steps:

Step 1: Go to an online store and select a product you want to track

Step 2: Click on the ‘Track price’ option in the address bar

Step 3: To start tracking the item, click on ‘Track price’. Price drop emails will be sent to the Account you’re signed into

To stop tracking a product, click on the ‘Tracking price’ option in the address bar, then on ‘Untrack’.

Compare search results from the side panel

This feature expands the side panel and makes it easier for the users to compare search results without having to click on the back button and opening a separate window. Follow the steps to activate this feature in Chrome browser:

Step 1: Enter your search into the address bar and click on a result

Step 2: In the address bar, click on the big ‘G’ to open the search inside the panel. Search results will open in the side panel

Step 3: Click on a result and the page will open in the current tab to easily compare pages and results

Password Sync

Password Sync lets users use their saved passwords to easily sign-in to websites and apps on their phone. All they need to do is to download Chrome for iOS or Android, sign-in and sync using QR code. Follow the steps to us password sync feature:

Step 1: Download and open Chrome

Step 2: Tap Chrome menu – settings – Turn on sync

Step 3: Choose the Account you want to use. Then tap on ‘Yes, I’m in’


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