“He’s been telling people he wants to wear the same uniform that Kobe Bryant once wore, and if you’re LeBron James, you certainly don’t mind that”


After Kyrie Irving opted into his player option with the Brooklyn Nets, news of Kevin Durant’s trade request away from Brooklyn has been shocking.

Since the two joined the Nets in 2019, they only played 44 games together. They have never had an entire season and likely have played their last game in Brooklyn as a duo.

Analyst Stephen A. Smith has blamed Irving for the debacle that was the Brooklyn Nets’ last three seasons. He said that “Uncle Drew” “ruined the franchise,” and that Durant’s request to leave was because of Irving.


Smith strongly believes that if the 2012 Rookie of the Year had shown up to work, the Nets might have won the 2022 championship.

“I feel like Kyrie Irving ruined the franchise,” Smith said. “I feel that all of this is his doing. If Kyrie Irving had shown up to work and he had been a more consistent presence, then he’d still be in Brooklyn, KD will still wanna be in Brooklyn.

“They probably might have won a championship or at least be knocking on the door again ’cause we all know Kyrie is a spectacular talent. … I know he and everybody close to him wants to blame me, as if I’m the only one talking about him instead of the entire NBA community.”

Kyrie Irving could make his way to the LA Lakers

Despite activating his player option deal with the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving could be leaving the franchise alongside Durant. NBA reporters have hinted that a trade to the LA Lakers could be in the offing for the seven-time All-Star.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith reported that Irving is keen on wearing the same uniform as Hall of Famer and Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant. He also said the guard has been telling people about his desire to represent the Lakers.

“He’s been telling people he wants to be in LA,” Smith said. “He’s been telling people he wants to wear the same uniform Kobe Bryant once wore. If you’re a LeBron James, you certainly don’t mind that.”

A team with LeBron James, Irving, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook is almost an impossible imagination. Will Darvin Ham and Bron be open to having the 6-foot 2-inch guard on the team? Only time will tell.

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