How to become “That girl” pt. 1 |


That Girl is a trend going around social media lately and I rather love it. This trend by no means is a way of excluding any human who doesn’t relate the the her/she pronouns, it relates to any human who wants to put their health as a priority, routine, self-improvement, and clean aesthetic. If you relate to these aspects, then this trend is for you “that girl” label or not.


THAT GIRL NECESSITIES // are qualified as things that make a healthy routine easy and aesthetic. A lover of all things neutral, matching sets, health focused choices, and efficiency of life. Coming from someone who has minimized their life, this trend is the most healing journey I have been on. These things have not only made my “that girl” heart happy but made my healthy lifestyle choices easy to each day.

BALA BANGLES | Have you heard of hot girl walks? It’s a practice of walking 4 miles to achieve your move goal for the day and to help practice a higher mental perspective. On the walk you are to think on three thoughts: what you are grateful for, your goals, and how to achieve them. I LOVE wearing my BALA BANGLES on my wrists or ankles during these walks for an added level of difficulty.


Workout sets: I freaking love the Girlfriend Collective sets. They are fantastic quality and the fit is *chefs kiss.

Sweat sets SWEATSHIRT $12.99 + SWEATPANTS $24.99 : Honestly, the sweat sets you see me wear all the time are from the men’s section of H&M. The pieces are both under $35 for the set. I get a large in the sweatshirt and a small in the sweatpants. By far the best!

HAT | I will be honest, I have too many hats for any one person to own but I love them all. I have my Yankees hats which are a full on vibe but I also have a white and black Nike hats which are fantastic for a minimalist outfit.

SUNNIES | All black sunnies. It’s a clean look. I LOVE these from Amazon for $10. They look designer, are amazing quality, and I don’t feel bad if I lose them.

GOLD HOOPS | These 30 mm hoops are my new favorite from Amazon. They are so lightweight, they won’t pull down your ear lobes at all. I wear them with literally everything.

GOLD NECKLACE CHAINS | I always wear 2-3 gold necklace chains. It elevates any look, even a white t-shirt and leggings. Trust.

CLAW CLIP | Amazon again. It’s a personality trait ok. this set has 4 colors so they are great to accessorize with your outfits. I usually have one clipped on my tote when I leave the house too.

CREW SOCKS | Nike every time. I have the tall cushion crew, short cushion crew, and the black crew socks. they go with all my outfits and just somehow make a legging set a whole new vibe.

TENNIS SHOES | I freaking love my Nike 270’s and my Nike Metcon Free’s. They are my only shoes I will workout in. I love my Converse for wearing with matching outfits too. Just depends on my mood that day truly.

COFFEE CUP | You can go on a hot girl walk to Starbucks which is a great way to have a purpose for leaving your house or you can use a reusable cup like I try to do. My favorite is my white yeti rambler. It’s an investment but it’s the BEST! I try others but this is my go to.

WATER BOTTLE | Depending on the occasion, I will switch up. I have a large yeti cup with a glass straw i use at home because it keeps my water ice cold. When I run errands, I use a small glass bottle to help with limiting hormone disruptors. When I am in the gym, I use THIS plastic bottle from Amazon. It’s black and aesthetic.

BOOKS | I will do a FULL blog post on this but I love these:

The Rhythm of Life

101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think

Single on Purpose

JOURNAL | The 5 minute journal has been my go to journal for years now. It’s just enough for me to reflect but not overwhelming where I feel like I can’t accomplish my journaling for the day. I used to try and write long journal entries but that’s just not a livable practice for me.


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