How to become “that girl” pt. 2


Routines have not only made me so much more productive in my day but they have always helped heal my body. I live for my routines. I am also not a perfectionist at them and allow life to flow. Here’s my “that girl” routine for my day and my week. Trust, it will help you become that girl.

at my favorite Coffee Dose coffee shop in Irvine, CA.


GOOD WALKING SHOES: I love my ON shoes. These cloud nova’s have insane reviews. I have them on my wish list. The all white ones are calling my name for all my cute workout sets to do my hot girl walks in.

BALA BANGLES: These have changed my walking for the better, I have both the 1 pound and 2 pound options. They make a difference whether you want them on your ankles or wrists for more low impact resistance.

NEUTRAL TOTE BAG: I love my small bumbags, don’t get me wrong, but a tote means I can bring all my essentials with me everywhere. I cannot get enough of this tote. It has made my life easier and is actually comfortable to carry.

SKIN TOOLS: in my routines, you will see I prioritize my skincare routine and lymphatic system. These tools are essential! They will help your body naturally reduce inflammation which means you will feel better on every level.

HEADPHONES: for the hot girl walks you do each day, you need a good pair of headphones. I invested in the Air-pod Pros and have never once regretted it. The noise cancellation option helps so much when I am overstimulated.

BUMBAG: I carry these more than actual handbags. I have both the coveted Lululemon one and a nike one. Both are perfect for running errands, walks, or headed to a coffee shop.

SKINCARE REGIMEN: I repeat, have a skincare regimen. I LIVE for my Tula products, I will share the exact products and why down below in my routine. From someone who has the most sensitive skin and suffered from horrible hormonal adult acne for close to 10 years, this routine works. Code: Nicholle15 for 15% off.

WATER BOTTLE: because hot girls are also hydrated girls. If it ain’t cute, I will not be motivated to carry it around or use it. I need to get my hands on one of the Stanley cups but until then, I will be using this affordable option from Target for $9.99. It really does keep my water cold for 12+ hours!


6 am : Wake up. Immediately drink about 8 ounces of water. This helps to replenish your body after being asleep all night, starts to activate your digestive system, and helps to wake up your body.

6:30 am : Drink my 12 ounces of fresh celery juice. THIS article shares the gut health and hormonal balance effects. It has saved me in so many ways. I also crave the taste now! I also take my morning supplements at this time.

7:00 am : read a few chapters in the book I am currently reading, usually a self-development book. I also use my 5 minute journal to start my day.

7:30 am : breakfast usually consisting of some eggs and potatoes. My coffee accompanies my breakfast to help reduce the acid and adrenal spikes in my body. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach also can mess with your hormones.

8:00 am : make my bed, take a quick shower, and get dressed in a cute lounge set to start work. I use my dry brush before my shower for activating my lymphatic system and reducing inflammation. If I have time, I will also use my gua sha tool on my face to reduce inflammation.

8:30 am : start on my work day. Usually have a second cup of coffee!

11:00 am: take a 30 minute lunch. This is my biggest meal of the day because your digestive tract is the most alert at this time and can properly function!

11:30 am : back to work!

2:00 pm : a quick snack break and 15 minute walk outside to help keep my mind alert. I put my headphones/ cellphone in my bumbag, grab my water bottle, and go. Depending on my mood, I will also put my bala bangles on my wrists or ankles for this walk.

2:15 pm : back to work until 5:00.

5:30 pm : head to my cycle class. These classes keep me sane. I love how I feel after. They push me harder then any other workout while also being kind to my body. I get the best sweat in which means I am helping my body detox.

6:30 pm : dinner time. My dinner is full of veggies and lean protein, I avoid carbs to avoid blood sugar spikes at night that can trigger sugar cravings as well as cause insomnia.

7:00 – 8:30 pm : this is chill time. Depending on my mood, I will work on my blog, read, watch a show, or call my mom lol!

8:30 pm : time for my night supplements, warm lemon water, and skincare routine.

skincare routine: Tula purifying cleanser, Tula acne toner pads, The Ordinary Zinc Niacin-amide serum, Tula Triple Vitamin C serum, Tula Day and Night Cream. code: Nicholle15

9:00 pm : I am in bed to read a chapter and settle in for the night.


Sunday: this is my prep day. This is also the day I use my tote the most. I pack up my mobile office, journal, and planner. I go grocery shopping, food prep for the week, go to a coffee shop and fill my planner in for the week, run my errands, and go to bed early.

Monday: cycle class

Tuesday: self care night.

Wednesday: cycle class

Thursday: self care night.

Friday: early morning cycle class. This is the night I will schedule a date for, IF I am seeing someone. If not, it’s solo date night and I love it.

Saturday: this is my fun day. I typically will do a morning workout, try and go to the beach during the day. It’s also my social day, so I will always say yes to lunch or dinner plans, going out, etc.


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