How to become “That Girl” pt. 3

The 4 pillars of becoming “that girl” by changing your mindset are: make your choices simple, consistency is your best friend, prioritizing yourself, and make time for healing. When you can implement these things in your day or your week, your mindset changes for the better.

Make your choices simple: From your food choices to your clothes, start to minimize your choices. This helps to streamline your day and you will end up saving time and energy. When I stopped stressing over all the options I had by making my closet and kitchen have minimal options, I was so much happier.

CLOSET SIMPLIFY: I began to simplify my style about a year ago and took it to a whole new level when i moved to Newport Beach after being on a road trip. It was honestly the best feeling. I realized having less options made it easier to create outfits I loved and felt good in vs. being super overwhelmed. Here is my go to outfit combo that NEVER fails!

Sets: Why sets? It’s a simple way to keep your look streamlined and clean. You also take out the guessing game of what looks good together, what compliments each other, etc. It’s a time saver and honestly a money saver. You can buy sets or pieces that are solid colors that coordinate on a budget but look EXPENSIVE.

I love my workout sets from ALO HERE, Amazon, and I love my H&M mens sweatshirt and jogger sweat sets.

Blazer: The best blazers are oversized. I always snag one one to two sizes larger. You can throw it on over a workout set and immediately look like “model off duty”, throw it on over a seat set and your chic like Princess Diana, wear with a dress for a date night, or wear with a belt cinched around the waist for a night out.

Converse: There is a reason why I have 7 pairs and the reason isn’t that I’m a compulsive shopper. They are ridiculously comfy and go with everything! I even wear them with my silk dresses or trousers for work. I suggest a platform white and a regular pair of black.

Hoops: They go with everything. My first pair of earrings at 13 were hoops. I wear them in all sizes but love a good mid size. I have at least 3 piercings on each ear, each one has a hoop in them. You immediately look polished with hoops in, even with no makeup.

KITCHEN SIMPLIFY: focus on whole food ingredients. Simplify the options in your cupboards. Create a space you can get creative with your food combos when cooking. Avoid packaged foods, especially with complicated ingredients on their food labels. Create a streamline of meals you like to prepare and stay consistent. This will free up space in your mind for other important areas of your life.

Consistency is your best friend: create that routine we talked about in THIS post! That routine will be what sets you you up to sucessfully change your mindset.

Start with one simple step and implement that into your day for a week.

The next week, add one more step.

Pretty soon you will have a full routine that feels so good, balanced, and easy because you slowly changed. The goal is to be successful, changing your entire life all at once will feel like pure chaos.

Prioritize yourself: Yes, now is the time for you. Be selfish with your time, your energy, your commitments, your thoughts. When we are young, we become too accustomed to saying yes. Then we have burnout and struggle knowing who we are. Why do you think that is?? We have to learn the most important “yes” in our life will be ourselves.

This doesn’t mean shut yourself out from relationships, experiences, or life. This means being careful what you say yes to so that you can still meet your own needs.

I have auto immune diseases and have to be careful how many things I say yes to and how off I get from my routine because my health depends on it. I cannot help others if I am sick and cannot even help myself.

How do I do it?

I never cancel my workouts, I only workout 3 times a week but those 3 days are important.
Sundays are reset days for my week, I never commit my full day to anything so I can still prep for the week.
Saturdays are my fun days, I say yes to all the commitments and events on this day.
Friday evenings are when I say yes to date nights or I take myself out on a date.
During the week, I make sure that I have at least an hour a day in the evening to be alone to decompress.
I stay 100% committed to my dietary needs during the week and allow myself to splurge on Saturdays.
If I feel burnout, I will say no to obligations and explain my body needs rest.

Make time for healing: This is both physical and mental healing. We are all broken humans. It’s time to make time in your day and your week for that healing. Whether it’s prioritizing workouts, clean eating, therapy, group therapy, or reconnecting with relationships that have been broken.

We will be able to show up so much more in our life for ourselves and for others if we heal. This especially goes if you struggle with gut health. That mental stress can trigger a lot of physical health issues. They go hand in hand. For years I have been trying to heal my body but not realizing the direct correlation that my mental health/trauma was contributing to these flare ups.

2022 means changing our mindsets so we can be “that girl” whatever that looks like for you.

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