“I can’t think of any way worse to lose the winning streak than to lose 1-0 with 2 hits to the f**king Cubs”


It had to happen at some point. The Atlanta Braves have been knocked off their 14-straight-wins pedestal by the lowly Chicago Cubs, who squeezed out a 1-0 victory this afternoon at Wrigley Field.

The Braves have surged back from a bad start to become one of the best teams in the MLB. They’re 37-28 now, placing them just five games back of the National League’s first-place New York Mets. Five wins is still a lot, but considering that total used to be in double digits, the Braves are sitting pretty.

Atlanta Braves fans are unhappy that of all the teams who could’ve broken their 14-game winning streak, it had to be the Chicago Cubs.

This Atlanta Braves fan couldn’t think of any worse way to lose the 14-game winning streak. The team’s last several series have been against losing teams, but none worse than the Cubs.

I can’t think of any way worse to lose the winning streak than to lose 1-0 with 2 hits to the fucking Cubs 🤬

Going into their weekend series against the Braves, the Cubs had lost 10 straight games. That being said, their schedule was tougher than most. They had to face the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, and San Diego Padres in three straight series.

The Braves shouldn’t be a break in that schedule, but the Cubs managed to get their act together today, and Braves fans are not pleased.

Atlanta Braves fans furious as Chicago Cubs bust their 14-game win streak

Going into today’s game, the Braves hadn’t lost a single game in June. Yesterday, they posted a Fornite-themed celebration of winning 14 straight games. This user thinks it doomed them.

Here come the trolls. This user sarcastically calls for the Braves to hit the panic button after today’s loss.

Seeing as the game was at Wrigley Field, strong winds played a factor in keeping fly balls in the park. That said, this user doesn’t think it’s a good enough excuse for losing the game.

For the first time in 10 games, the Cubs were able to fly their famous “W” flag after today’s win.

This user shared a very specific statistic. With today’s win, the Cubs became the first team with a losing streak of 10 games to end another team’s winning streak of 10 or more games.

Cubs blank Braves, ending two MLB-long streaks: The Cubs became the first team in 23 years to stop a losing streak of 10 or more game while ending an opponent’s winning streak of at least 10 games, beating the Braves 1-0 Friday to halt Atlanta’s… dlvr.it/SSNtwr https://t.co/ticWbEopjy

This user thinks the Braves still have a chance to play the Yankees in the World Series.

@Braves So the streak is over in a bomb game. Big deal. It happens sometimes to good teams. Streaks come to an end eventually, and the team will rebound, and either win the division or get into the postseason and face off against the Yankees in the WS.

The Cubs and Braves will face off in two more games this weekend.

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