“I love basebrawl” “A real legit brawl. Been years since I’ve seen one of these”

Tensions boiled over during a heated matchup between the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels today, resulting in a bench-clearing brawl. This scuffle occurred after multiple Seattle Mariners players were hit by pitches. Outfielder Jesse Winker finally had enough.

This particular fight went much longer than they usually do. Players stayed in the action for over three minutes. A full video of the brawl was posted to Twitter by Talkin’ Baseball.

Jesse Winker was hit by a pitch and a never-ending BRAWL broke out between the Mariners and the Angels https://t.co/1MgFd55vhn

This lengthly battle has already resulted in multiple ejections and could lead to fines or suspensions. Due to these possible ramifications, MLB fans were surprised by the brawl.

This fan was quick to respond with the perfect pun.

This user was surprised. It has been many years since an MLB brawl was as physical as this one between the Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners.

While opinions on the fight itself are split, the surprise of fans of both teams was nearly universal.

MLB fans react to Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners bench-clearing brawl

This battle of American League West rivals turned from a baseball game to a melee far quicker than either team expected. Emotions were clearly running high. Jesse Winker’s hit by a pitch pushed things over the edge.

This fan reacts to the physicality of the brawl, which definitely seemed to be elevated.

This user is confused as to which sport he is watching, because fights much more often occur in hockey than in baseball.

This fan was reminded of simpler times, and acknowledged the adrenaline boost that comes from watching a fight.

@TalkinBaseball_ Man nothing gets my caveman juices flowing like an actual baseball fight with some knucks being chucked

This fan took a chance to roast Anthony Rendon, who has disappointed offensively with the Los Angeles Angels.

This fan dubs the brawl with an official title, and it is very fitting.

Mound charges and puffed-up threats are somewhat common, but full-blown fights are rare in the MLB, which comes as somewhat of a surprise. With so many games against common opponents, there are many opportunities for bad blood to develop. This battle between divisional rivals is an excellent example of just that.

Some have pointed to pitches that nearly hit Mike Trout in a previous game as the cause for today’s extracurricular activities. Whether or not this is true, both the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels will soon have to pay for the disruption.

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