I’m the ‘Living Nostradamus’ who foresaw Covid & Putin’s invasion – here are my predictions for England’s World Cup


A SO-called future telling prophet has given his predictions for the World Cup ahead of the contest kicking off next week.

Athos Salome, from Brazil, has been likened to French astrologer Nostradamus after claiming to have already correctly prophesised the Covid pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine and the Queen’s death.

Athos Salome has given his World Cup predictions


Athos Salome has given his World Cup predictionsCredit: @athos_salome/Instagram
He has revealed the two teams he think will make it to the final in Qatar


He has revealed the two teams he think will make it to the final in QatarCredit: AFP

Dubbed “Living Nostradamus”, Athos has revealed the five sides he believes have a chance of getting to the final – and the two he thinks will.

He told Daily Star Sport: “In a 2011 episode of The Simpsons, Homer Simpson is reading a magazine of solved crossword puzzles and one of the sentences written ‘Brazil is hexacam champion’, but it doesn’t mention that it would be the games in Qatar.

“People are very trusting, considered as one of the greatest TV series and generated controversy by getting several predictions right for decades.

“Particularly I don’t feel that Brazil can be hexa, I believe they can be in the final, not the champion.

“Analysing the Kabbalah according to the year of the games 2022, start date and letters of the names of the countries that will play, we can find in the final Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, France and England.”

Athos believes it will then be Argentina and France in the final clash.

But Athos has also warned things could take a sinister turn.

He added: “Due to the large number of cases of Covid-19 which has increased again after the emergence of new sub-variants of Omicron, BQ.1 and XBB, which are more transmissible and resistant to vaccines.

“Everything is at risk and could change the course of gaming betting again.

“Let’s hope and pray that there are no accidents and planes falling from the sky.”

The Brazilian clairvoyant claims his visions hit him out of the blue, with one of his prophecies warning that “World War III is coming”.

Another of his predictions warns of imminent danger for an unspecified city, which will see objects “fall from the sky and nothing will be left.”

He added that “this will be the warning that war has begun”, and ominously anticipates that a pair of “great leaders” will soon unite to attack the United States.

He warned that the impending damage will be far worse than the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

While his visions often warn of impending doom, Athos has said he instead intends his prophecies to be used for good so authorities have time to react to the incoming danger.

“The predictions are made as a warning, not to bring despair to the population”, he said.

“This is no cause for despair, rather I warn so that the predictions reach the great leaders and something is done to prevent the worst.”

The Brazilian has been dubbed the 'living Nostradamus'


The Brazilian has been dubbed the ‘living Nostradamus’Credit: Getty



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