India jumps forty spots to 71st in mean mobile download speed: Report


In November, India jumped 40 ranks to the 71st spot globally in terms of mean download speed, according to a report. Its mean mobile download speed in November was 50.26 Megabits per second (Mbps), nearly double 27.13 Mbps in October.

In terms of the median mobile download speed, India jumped eight spots to rank 105th globally, with a speed of 18.26 Mbps as compared to 113th in October.

The Speedtest Global Index for November released by network intelligence company showed that the median mobile download speed in October was 16.50 Mpbs. In November, the download speed showed an improvement of over 1.75 Mbps.

In terms of mean mobile download speeds, India has shown significant growth from 20.71 Mbps in September to 50.26 Mpbs in November.

On the other hand, in median fixed broadband speeds, India slipped one spot from 79th in October to 80th in November despite an increase in its download speed from 48.78 Mbps to 49.09 Mbps.

In the mean speed for fixed broadband, India jumped two spots to 81 with a speed of 77.73 Mbps compared to 75.94 Mbps in October.

The Index is released monthly based on the speed tests taken by people on Ookla’s Speedtest. It further showed that Qatar had the highest media mobile download speed. Chile, meanwhile, had the highest fixed broadband download speed.

In a report released in August, said that 89 per cent of Indian smartphone users were ready to upgrade to 5G. Among Speedtest users, Jio saw the largest increase in 5G-capable devices (67.4 per cent), followed by Airtel (61.6 per cent) and Vi India (56 per cent).


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