Jack Grealish shows off new look for start of season as Man City star and Kyle Walker get haircuts from celebrity barber


JACK GREALISH has flaunted his new look ahead of the new season as him and Kyle Walker get hair cuts from a celebrity barber.

The Premier League is just a week away from returning and some of the league’s biggest stars are making sure they look the part.

Grealish's iconic locks have been scaled back for now ahead of the new season


Grealish’s iconic locks have been scaled back for now ahead of the new season
Kyle Walker is preparing for his sixth season with Manchester City


Kyle Walker is preparing for his sixth season with Manchester City

That means celebrity trimmer Ahmed Alsanawi will not be short of business over the coming days.

The barber caters to the biggest and best names across the sport, and Instagram videos shows his sharp work for two Manchester City stars.

Grealish’s trim shows his iconic locks have been chopped down.

The England midfielder poses with Alsanawi as he shows off his far shorter hair style.

His teammate Walker also has a sharp look ahead of the new season, with a short buzz cut fade being seen on the A Star Barber’s Instagram page.

Other big names such as Eden Hazard, Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba are know to frequent Alsawani’s shop.

The trimmer told the Sun in May that he began his business in 2013 with a number of Chelsea players needing cuts, with his store close to their Cobham training ground.

Ever since then his business has expanded and he even flew out to the 2018 Russia World Cup to keep Pogba looking sharp during France’s successful tournament.


He also opened up a new shop in that year with the likes of Hazard and John Terry attending the opening.

His cutting skills has allowed him to have football’s biggest names in his chair, including Jose Mourinho on the day he was sacked from Chelsea in 2015.

He told the Sun: “I was a bit lost and didn’t really know what I wanted to do.

“I had a diploma in art, so I had an eye for it. But when I was getting dodgy haircuts from barbers, it made me decide to chop my own hair.

“From there, I started cutting family members, and worked in a shop for a couple of years.

“My wife and I opened up A Star Barbers in 2013, and it’s about ten minutes from Chelsea’s training ground.

“Organically, all the youngsters – Reece James, Dominic Solanke, and a few others came through the door at first.

“Then John Terry hit me up one day and asked me to come to the training ground.

“I did Chelsea’s stars for three years, cutting Eden Hazard, Diego Costa, and even Jose Mourinho.

“I actually cut Mourinho’s hair on the day he got sacked! He wanted to go short, so I took all his hair off!”

A Star Barbers currently has over 788,000 followers on Instagram.


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