Jeff Jarrett Calls Golden Globe Winner A Moron And An Idiot


 Kieran Fisher

Golden Globe-winning actor Paul Walter Hauser and Jeff Jarrett have been at odds in recent days. On the January 11 “AEW Dynamite,” Hauser joined Best Friends in a backstage segment to show off his aforementioned award. Then, on the January 13 “AEW Rampage,” Jarrett smashed Hauser over the head with a guitar and stole his prize.

On a recent episode of his “My World” podcast, Jarrett had nothing nice to say about the “Black Bird” star, noting that he’s one of many celebrities who’ve tried to use wrestling to boost their own profiles. “Another guy who’s in a long list of morons and imbeciles that want to step into our industry, and I’m going with Beetlejuice, Gary Coleman … the list goes on,” Jarrett said. “C-list actors who like to get up at the ring and, ‘Oh, I’m fanboy this, I’m fanboy that, and I got a lot of respect for this.”Jarrett continued taking shots at the Golden Globe winner, stating that he wasn’t familiar with the actor prior to his “Dynamite” appearance. The WWE Hall of Famer claimed that Hauser hasn’t starred in any projects that the masses are aware of, but co-host Conrad Thompson shut him down and listed some of the actor’s notable credits, including the Clint Eastwood-directed drama “Richard Jewell.”

However, Jarrett wasn’t impressed with the fact that Hauser has worked alongside critically acclaimed filmmakers. In fact, he insinuated that professional wrestlers are better performers than Hollywood actors. “I overheard somewhere … They said, ‘yeah, he’s worked with Clint Eastwood, he’s kind of a one-shot, one take artist. And I went, ‘He’s hanging his hat on being a one take artist — does he understand what industry he’s in? We don’t do takes in professional wrestling.”


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