Jim Ross Believes Upcoming Match Will Be ‘Feast Or Famine’ For One AEW Talent


 Robert Gunier

There are few wrestlers active today that have made as big an impact on the industry as AEW’s Bryan Danielson. Danielson created a revolution when he reached the top of WWE at WrestleMania 30 — a 5’10, 210 lb. man representing hard work and dedication defeated Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista in the same night to become Undisputed WWE Champion. Since then, Danielson’s star has continued to shine brightly, proving that size doesn’t always matter.

Danielson now finds himself progressing toward an upcoming AEW World Championship Iron Man match against MJF. In a way, that shows how Bryan’s influence is coming full-circle, as MJF is only one inch taller than Bryan and 16 lbs. heavier. AEW commentator Jim Ross is looking forward to the upcoming title match, applauding Bryan as a “huge addition” to the AEW roster. Ross is confident that Danielson will provide all the tools necessary to hold up his end of a great 60-minute match. As for MJF, Ross believes he’s got a larger challenge on his plate, as he has yet to prove he can deliver a memorable bout for such an extended period.

“A 60-minute iron man match, and I’m very curious to see how that goes,” J.R. said on “Grilling JR” “It could be feast or famine, because I don’t think that MJF has had a lot of 60-minute matches to know how to pace himself, to tell that story that continues to connect the dots: ding, ding, ding. I’m not knocking Max. Max is our champion, but he’s got to really prepare mentally and physically for a 60-minute story. Again, it’s all about the stories. I’m a big fan of both those guys, MJF and Bryan, but … I don’t know who is better in the business right now than Bryan Danielson.”

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