Jim Ross Got Dirty Looks At This Pro Wrestler’s Funeral


 Matthew Wilkinson

Unfortunately, many of the legends in the wrestling business have ended up passing away far sooner than they should have. One of the most tragic was the loss of Owen Hart, which took place at WWE’s Over The Edge event in 1999 when he fell from the rafters, with the company then continuing the show regardless of the incident. 

It left the Hart family rightfully feeling angry about the situation, and Jim Ross felt the brink of that at his funeral service. JR revealed on the latest “Grilling JR” that the way he was treated “made me feel guilty.”

“You talk about dirty looks, it’s as if I did something wrong. I was there to show support, but because I was representing WWE I was not a welcome guest at that service. I thought that was very, very unfair,” he said. “When you feel guilty about things that you didn’t do, you’ve got to evaluate a little bit here, come on. It was tough.”

Another well-known death in wrestling is that of Chris Benoit, which garners far less sympathy due to the circumstances surrounding that. Because of Benoit’s actions in his final days, Ross believes he will “never go into any major Halls Of Fame,” even though some people believe his in-ring talent is deserving of that accolade.

“I wish things, for a lot of common sense reasons, had not gone down like they did,” Ross said. “But I will never not respect the wrestler that Chris Benoit was. You can’t justify, nor should you try, his last few days on earth because I can’t explain that. ‘Well he had a concussion deal, he had CTE,’ I don’t know what he had for sure, and I don’t know anybody knows for sure.”

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