Kurt Angle Recalls Shocking Moment With Brock Lesnar


 Bon Adamson

The quality of a rivalry can be spoken to by the number of moments the phrase “shocking moment” brings to mind. With Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, one might jump to their classic WWE WrestleMania 19 match, which saw Lesnar botch a shooting star press. But recently on “The Kurt Angle Show,” Angle described a shocking moment with Lesnar that happened off-camera.

Angle described a surprising celebration from Lesnar at a house show in the midst of their epic rivalry. After what Angle describes as an “incredible match,” things took a surprising turn for him following a post-match handshake.

“Brock you know, he put his hand out to shake my hand. Of course, me being a babyface shook his hand. Then he put his hands out like he wanted a hug. We hugged,” Angle recalled. “Then he grabbed my face and kissed me right on the lips.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Angle had another wrestler rib him, nor would it be the first time Angle kissed a colleague. He once famously had to kiss Stephanie McMahon for an angle on WWE television — and he had to do it in front of Vince McMahon.

Angle’s gone into detail about the stress of kissing his boss’s daughter on live TV, but he describes this moment with Lesnar as just plain shocking. “It shocked the s*** out of me man. Of all the people to do it, Brock Lesnar? He never does this kind of stuff,” Angle said. “So it was like ‘does he really like me?’ I started questioning if Brock really liked me or not.”


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