Lamborghini Announces Huracan Sterrato Reveal Date


Lamborghini isn’t known for its subtlety, so it’s hard to miss the signs when a new model is on its way. The automaker has teased an off-road version of the Huracan several times, and now Lambo has officially announced the release date for the new car.


The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato will get its full debut at Art Basel in Miami on November 30. We know it’s getting a V10, following the standard Huracan layout, but we don’t know the specs or power output. All-wheel drive is a given, and the automaker has noted a goal to electrify all its models to some degree, so we may get a unique hybrid-assisted 5.2-liter 10-cylinder soon. Lamborghini’s teaser videos feature all the bravado and drama you’d expect, but they also give us our clearest look at the rugged supercar. 

The car has two small LED light bars mounted on either side of its Raging Bull badge, and we can clearly see extensive body cladding on the car’s wheel arches and rocker panels. We don’t yet know the wheel size or suspension specs. Still, the car features a noticeable lift over a standard Huracan, and the tires are an unmistakably beefier all-terrain model instead of the low-profile Pilot Sports or Pirelli’s road-bound Lambos get. 

Lamborghini’s announcement comes days after we got our first look at Porsche’s Baja-inspired 911, the Dakar. It’s unclear how much either car will cost, but current trends suggest both will end up trading at well above their MSRPs in short order.

[Image: Lamborghini]

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