“LeBron doesn’t have any love lost with Kyrie”

The NBA offseason is shaping up to be a chaotic one, and former teammates LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are at the center of conversations. It’s been reported that Irving and the Brooklyn Nets are at a crossroads over his contract extension.

After Irving missed the majority of the season due to refusing the COVID-19 vaccination, the Nets are reportedly uncertain about offering Irving an extension. If the situation cannot be resolved, Irving, one of the NBA’s best point guards, can decline his player option, making him a free agent this summer.

The rumors have already started to circulate, as many have pointed out a potential reunion between Irving and James with the LA Lakers. Sports analyst Colin Cowherd said he thinks James doesn’t forget that Irving once left him before and thinks the leaked rumors are getting out on purpose.

“LeBron doesn’t have any love lost with Kyrie,” Cowherd said.

Kyrie to the Lakers rumors are happening for a reason, argues @ColinCowherd…”Stuff gets out when people want it out.” https://t.co/b05UuDENdW

Kyrie Irving continues to be connected to LeBron James and LA Lakers

On “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” Cowherd pointed out that James has always understood how the league works. Cowherd suggested that the Lakers’ rumored interest might be a way for the Nets to panic and re-sign Irving to a lengthy contract extension.

There’s been speculation that if Irving isn’t able to sign a new deal with the Nets, forward Kevin Durant could look to move on as well. The Nets could go from a potential title contender to a re-building team in one offseason.

Kyrie Irving to the Lakers chatter is “somewhat substantive,” according to @sam_amick.”You’ve got people within the league actually thinking … ‘Man, I think he might find a way to get back with LeBron.’” https://t.co/ZTNyf2SAjq

After acquiring disgruntled guard Ben Simmons at the trade deadline in February, many still expect Brooklyn to be a dangerous team next year.

But now, it looks as if Irving is connected to a number of different teams if he’s not able to receive a contract extension from the Nets. ESPN reported that Irving presented Brooklyn with a list of six teams for a sign-and-trade. Those teams are the Lakers, LA Clippers, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks.

The Lakers would have to go through many hurdles if they want to get Irving on the team, and it seems unlikely that could happen. For now, it looks as if the noise surrounding Kyrie and the Nets is only going to get louder.

Irving and James teamed on the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the 2016 NBA title.

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