Marlon Vera claims Sean O’Malley “went in silent mode” after being offered rematch

Marlon Vera isn’t giving Sean O’Malley’s recent callouts much attention because the last time the UFC offered to set up a rematch, ‘Chito’ says ‘Sugar’ ghosted him.

Vera was on Fight Night Flashbacks with Brendan Schaub re-watching his win over O’Malley from UFC 252 in August 2020. The two men were talking about the big leg kicks Vera was landing and how they completely devestated O’Malley, leading to the loss. ‘Chito’ said:

“I guess that’s why he don’t take the fight, the second fight. They offer us to fight when Conor [McGregor] fought Cowboy [Donald Cerrone]. And he went in silent mode.”

Marlon Vera made it clear that he hasn’t kept up with Sean O’Malley’s career or trash talk since the win. He said:

“How many people will hear everything I hear in the last couple years, negative, and go crazy against it. I never even talk about this. Like for me, this guy is nothing. I’m not after his recognition or his flashiness. I don’t give two f***s. In the last three years, people ask me what I think. I’m like ‘I don’t think nothing.’ He can die tomorrow, it won’t move my heart.”

Watch Marlon Vera talk Sean O’Malley on Fight Night Flashbacks below:


Since beating O’Malley, Marlon Vera dropped a decision to Jose Aldo and then went on a three fight win streak over Davey Grant, Frankie Edgar, and Rob Font. Those wins propelled him into the bantamweight top five. Now he’s set to face No. 8 ranked Dominick Cruz in an August main event.

The bantamweight bout between Dominick Cruz and Marlon Vera will take place on August 13 👊🏻#UFC #MMA

Sean O’Malley doesn’t think Marlon Vera gets past Dominick Cruz

While Dominick Cruz has sank in the rankings, that has more to do with inactivity than it does any deterioration in his skills. Cruz returned from a three year layoff due to injuries to take on Henry Cejudo, losing that fight in controversial fashion. He then went and won his next two fights, and looks to add another W to his record against Vera.

One man that thinks the 36-year old Cruz still has it is Sean O’Malley, who is betting on ‘The Dominator’ to beat ‘Chito’ when they fight. In a recent YouTube video, O’Malley said:

“When Jose [Aldo] fought ‘Chito’, I said, ‘I think Jose wins that fight.’ When ‘Chito’ fought Frankie [Edgar], I said, ‘I think Chito wins that fight.’ ‘Chito’ fought Rob [Font], I think I said, ‘Chito wins that fight.’ ‘Chito’ vs. [Dominick Cruz], I think Dom wins… I just think Dom’s gonna be a little bit too fast, just a little bit better than ‘Chito’. But, with that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Chito’ won. But I do think Dom’s gonna take that.”

O’Malley may think his record at predicting Marlon Vera’s fights is better than it is, because he was banking on Rob Font to beat Vera in earlier videos.

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