Matt Hardy Comments On ‘Vindictive’ Vince McMahon Returning To WWE


 Fernando Quiles Jr

Matt Hardy believes Vince McMahon is back in WWE with a vengeance. McMahon once again turned the wrestling world upside down with his decision to return to WWE after retiring from his roles as Chairman and CEO back in July. While McMahon said it was simply time to retire, a Wall Street Journal report claimed that McMahon felt he was given bad advice to step away from WWE amid an investigation into hush money payments made to conceal accusations of sexual misconduct. On “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” Hardy shared his belief that McMahon is showing he won’t go down without a fight, especially if he feels he’s been wronged.

“Knowing Vince, he’s a pretty vindictive guy, I feel like,” Hardy said. “If he feels like someone intentionally tried to do something to push him out or give him advice that was maybe misleading, they were just trying to push him off to the side, I feel like he’s gonna take that seriously and he’s gonna return with a vengeance.” Hardy went on to say that McMahon has never been one to wear his emotions on his sleeve when the going gets rough.

“Vince says you can’t let people see you when you’re weak,” Hardy said. “Your primal instincts tell you that you need to be the strongest, you need to be the top of the food chain, ‘You need to be an alpha male, damn it! This man’s a vegan? Oh my God. He’s not at the top of the food chain. He’s not an alpha male. He doesn’t have a primal instinct.’”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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