Molly Holly Says Former WWE Ring Announcer ‘Overdue’ For Hall Of Fame


 Robert Gunier

When you think of history’s most memorable WWE ring announcers, a few different names come to mind like Howard Finkle and Tomy Chimel, but there’s only one woman that hung with the best of the best during her career. Lillian Garcia has worked with WWE on and off since 1999, spending over a decade announcing full-time and then returning for occasional guest appearances. Because of her contributions to the world of WWE, another woman who worked closely beside her believes that it’s time Garcia received proper recognition and be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Molly Holly appeared on the Highspots Auctions Facebook page recently and named Lillian as the one person she feels is overdue for that honor.

Garcia is multi-talented, as well. Her singing abilities led her to perform the “National Anthem” and “America the Beautiful” at the start of several major wrestling events, and even brought her a No. 69 single on the Billboard Hot 100 in October 2002. Her talent eventually led to a recording contract with Grammy award-winning record producers George Noriega and Tim Mitchell. The album, ¡Quiero Vivir! Was released on October 9, 2007, via Universal Music Latino, and the title track henceforth became Garcia’s entrance theme in WWE.

Garcia’s work in WWE isn’t exclusive to announcing, either – she was utilized in various storylines over the years to add to segments. For example, Garcia has been attacked by Jeff Jarrett in the past and thrown into a giant pool of pudding just to entertain fans and prove her value as an employee. She also held her own when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would improvise lines and incorporate her into his promos and was even willing to play the love interest of Viscera when that’s the direction WWE wanted to go.


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