‘Mujhe cricket khelne se rok na mat’ – Himachal Pradesh fast bowler Sidharth Sharma passed away after dropping an emotional note for his father


In a life where we tend to plan a lot of things already in our minds, we forget to accept the harsh truth of how uncertain is this process of breathing in and out. A similar heart-wrenching incident has left Indian cricket mourned and in shock as a talented pace bowler of Himachal Pradesh, Sidharth Sharma breathed for the last time in a private hospital of Vadodara at the very young age of only 28 years.

The Una-born pacer was on a ventilator for almost the last 14 days and subsequently, he couldn’t grapple more with multiple organ failure. He was taken to Chandigarh before being cremated in his hometown Una in Himachal Pradesh.

The late cricketer recently played his last game for Himachal Pradesh’s senior team against Bengal in which he registered a five-wicket haul to his name in the first innings of the match.

Meanwhile, he went ill during travel with his team to Vadodara for an away match of the Ranji Trophy against Baroda.

The chairman of the Indian T20 League governing and former HPCA president Arun Dhumal also talked about the sudden demise of the talented state cricketer.

“It is unfortunate. He was fine and played the first two matches of the Ranji Trophy. Before the game against Baroda, he felt unwell and we got him admitted to the hospital. After a few tests, it was found that his creatinine levels were high. His kidneys and subsequently other organs were affected. The doctors tried their level best but could not save him,” said Dhumal to Sportstar.

“Mujhe cricket khelne se rok na mat. Mujhe khelne dena” – the last words of Sidharth Sharma before he breathed for the last time

Subsequently, Sidharth’s teammate in Himachal Pradesh, Prashant Chopra also revealed the last emotional note that the deceased cricketer wrote on a paper in the ICU to his father.

“The team had reached Vadodara on December 31. He was running a fever, so the team doctor asked him to rest up. When I joined the team the next day, he was still unwell and by the day after, he had started throwing up and his condition deteriorated,” said Chopra.

Later on, speaking about the last written words by Sidharth, Chopra broke into tears and couldn’t resist from being emotional.

“When he was in the ICU, he regained his consciousness but could not speak, so he asked the nurse to get him a piece of paper and wrote to his father:  Mujhe cricket khelne se rok na mat. Mujhe khelne dena (Please don’t stop me from playing cricket). Our manager was there, and when he told us this, we could not hold back our tears,” Chopra added later while mourning a big loss for the Himachal Pradesh cricket.


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